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Air Charter Quote Software

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FlightQuote 2.2 enables Air Charter companies to quickly and easily generate Quotes, Itineraries and Invoices for air charter flights.

FlightQuote 2.2 is designed to be very easy to use for both novice and experienced computer users. All the factors that are involved in calculating a quote can be easily set and adjusted.

You can download the program and try it for free for 30 days!

Version 2.2 includes a lot of powerful features:

  • Quotes based on flight time or route distance;

  • Worldwide airport database (about 10,000 airports);

  • Aircraft database (including Registrations);

  • Customer & Contacts database;

  • FBO database;

  • Save & Retrieve Quotes to/from the database;

  • Print & email Quotes, Itineraries and invoices;

  • All printouts have many options and can be highly customized;

  • Print preview screen;

  • Export printouts to a file in .RTF, .PDF or .HTML format;

  • Shows local arrival & departure times;

  • Automatic short leg calculation (surcharge or min. leg fee);

  • Locate airports by U.S. city (over 147,000 locations included);

  • Locate alternates for an airport;

  • Locate en-route airports for a fuel stop;

  • Shows total flight time and total trip time;

  • Passenger list feature with passenger database;

  • Flight Crew feature;

  • Trip Notes;

  • Calculates Fuel Burn Estimates (based on hourly method; user has to set fuel burn data in aircraft settings)

  • Automatic Winds Aloft calculation (USA only - Program downloads NOAA Winds Aloft data)

  • And many, many more!

FlightQuote 2.2 is suitable for Network use! (For details click here)

Download the Free 30 day trial version today!

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