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Windows Vista & Windows 7 users; Please read the information in this document: FlightQuote On Windows Vista & Windows 7.

Using FlightQuote on Windows 8, 8.1 and 10:  

FlightQuote 2 works fine on the Intel based versions of Windows 8 (x86, x64). It will not work on Windows RT which is based on ARM processors. 

We have received no reports of problems when using FlightQuote 2 on Windows 10. It should run just fine.

Please report your experiences of using the program on Windows 10 to info@flightquote.net (or use the Contact page)


FlightQuote 2.2 free 30 day trial version Download:

Please read the License Agreement before installing and using the software.

FQ2 requires a minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels and will run on systems using Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 & 8.1 (NOT Windows RT).

To use FlightQuote on Apple Mac OS you will have to run Windows Emulation Software! (Try VMWare Fusion). THERE IS NO SPECIFIC APPLE VERSION!

-> It is strongly recommended that you first install all 'critical' Windows updates and service packs! <-

-> Make sure you have 'ADMINISTRATOR' Rights when installing the software on NT4, 2000, XP Pro, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8. <-

Download Here: FQ2Install.exe  (50,772KB - 5 April 2018)

(Current Users Looking to update:  Use the update file below, not this one!!)

Note that if you do a reinstall the program it will NOT give you a new trial period. A reinstall will also disable a previous trial period that was still active.

If you have problems with downloading the FlightQuote 2.2 free 30 day free trial version, you can order a CD-ROM


For a more detailed explanation of all the features of FlightQuote please review the FlightQuote 2 Manual (in Adobe Acrobat format: FQ2Manual.pdf (Manual is already included with the 2.2 Installation and updates)

FlightQuote 2.2 Updates:

Download Here: FQ229UPDATE.exe (12,846KB - 5 April 2018)

We strongly advise you to 'SAVE' the update to your computer first and to run it from your computer after downloading (Do not use the 'Run' option in Internet Explorer).

This is a program update only (no database).

For a list of recent changes, please see the news page or review the full revision history file.


Other Downloads:

(All these files are already included in the main installation and all updates)


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