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2018 Changes in U.S. Air Transportation taxes

For calendar year 2018 the Domestic Segment Tax has increased to $4.20 (was $4.10).  The International Head Tax has increased to $18.30 (was $18.00).  The Alaska/Hawaii Departure Tax is now $9.20 (was $9.00). The Percentage tax for transportation of Persons remains 7.5% and for Cargo it remains 6.25%.

Percentage Tax Persons:     7.50%
Percentage Tax Cargo 6.25%
Domestic Segment Fee:   $4.20
International Arrival/Departure Head Tax: $18.30
Hawaii/Alaska Flight Tax:   $9.20

To update the tax rates in FlightQuote open the 'Settings' screen and select the 'Taxes' page.  From FlightQuote version 2.27R2 you can update the new taxes rates automatically by clicking the 'Download' button.
There is also option
to check for Tax Rate updates automatically on each program start.

A full explanation of U.S. Air Transportation taxes can be found in this document: AviationTaxes.pdf


FlightQuote on Windows Vista, Windows 7

FlightQuote 2 works on Windows Vista & Windows 7 without problems. For information on how to make using FlightQuote and other programs on Vista & Windows 7 easier, please click here.


Using FlightQuote on Windows 8, 8.1 and 10:  

FlightQuote 2 works fine on the Intel based versions of Windows 8 and 8.1 (x86, x64). It will not work on Windows RT which is based on ARM processors. 

We have not received any reports of problems with running FlightQuote 2 on Windows 10.


Program Revision History:

Program updates are available on the download page for users who have installed FlightQuote 2.0, FlightQuote 2.1 and 2.2

  • 5 April 2018 FlightQuote 2.29

  • Changed: Increased size of Main Screen;

  • Changed: Increased size of Standard Quotes screen;

  • Changed: Increased (vertical) size of List Quotes screen;

  • Added: Buttons on Interary Tab for functions previously only available by using the right mouse button menu;

  • Added: Total Fuel Burn now shown on Itinerary Tab.

  • Fixed: Bug when loading Report Settings with 'Open Date Quote' on;

  • Fixed: 8.33 spacing frequencies were not always properly displayed on FBO screens;

  • Fixed: Updated website URL for NOAA winds aloft data, server for old link was decommissioned;

  • Fixed: Loading Standard Quotes could give an error;

  • Fixed: Distances shown in table on 'Locate Alternates' screen were always rounded to whole miles (NM and SM), now rounded to 1 decimal.

  • 22 December 2015 FlightQuote 2.28R5

  • Fixed: When quoting by NM or SM the value in the 'MileageFactor' entry box could not be changed;

  • Fixed: Text label for 'MileageFactor' entry box did not appear correctly (when quoting by NM or SM);

  • Fixed: When loading a quote that used NM or SM as quotebase the Additional Charges total would sometimes not be set correctly;

  • Fixed: Deleting a Contact on the 'Modify Customers' screen would leave invalid references to the deleted Contact in the Database;

  • Fixed: Corrected the calculations and display of totals on the 'Leg Charges' screen.

  • 18 September 2015 FlightQuote 2.28R4

  • Changed: Aircraft Picture screen now shows actual picture resolution and gives a warning about exceeding recommended maximum resolution;

  • Fixed: Extra blank lines would be inserted sometimes when printing opening and/or closing comment boxes on print reports.

  • 20th July 2015:  FlightQuote 2.28R3

    • Changed: Manual Base Charge screen now always shows the Calculated Base Charge;

    • Fixed: Could not set Manual Flight Time when using the 'Mininum Leg Charge' Short Leg setting and if there were no short legs;

    • Added: Separate 'Hotel Information' text box on the 'Catering, Ground Transport & Cargo' screen;

    • Added: FBO Address data fields added to FBO screens ('New FBO', 'Modify FBO' and 'FBO Details');

    • Added: Extra 'FBO Details' options added to Itinerary Report options. 5 Options available (Fax, Unicom, Website, Address & Remarks),
      3 can be selected in Landscape page mode, 2 in Portrait page mode.

  • 20th June 2015:  FlightQuote 2.28R2

    • Fixed: Itinerary would not always Recalculate when adding/removing Airports to the Quote or when changing Aircraft.

  • 1st June 2015:  FlightQuote 2.28R1

    • Fixed: Using Right Mouse Button Menu on the 'Itinerary' table would result in Run-Time error;

    • Fixed: Using the 'Enter' button in the 'Trip Remarks' box on the 'Itinerary' tab now inserts a new line;

    • Fixed: Using the Tab button on the 'Additional Charges' table now works properly;

    • Fixed: When the first 'Itinerary Report' was the last used report, clicking 'Print' on the 'Print Quote' screen would give an error;

    • Fixed: Clicking 'Report Settings' on 'Print Preview' screen when the 'Trip Report' was shown, brought up the 'Email' settings instead of the 'Trip Report' settings;

    • Added: Option for Quote, Itinerary, Trip and Quote Notes Reports to print Time Stamps ('Created' and 'Last Modified').


  • 11th May 2015:  FlightQuote 2.28

    • Fixed: Error in loading Quote List when there was an empty record in the Users table;

    • Added: 8.33 spacing option for FBO frequency;

    • Added: Using the code {QNR} inserts the Quote Number in Email Subject;

    • Added: Fuel Charge for Additional Charges table;

    • Added: Quote Notes to main screen on extra tab;

    • Added: Quote Notes Report;

    • Added: Option to print Quote Notes on Quote, Itinerary and Trip Reports;

    • Changed: Internal code changes for future upgrade/conversion.

For a full list of changes in previous updates please see the FlightQuote 2 Revision history file: FQ2RevisionHistory.txt