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FlightQuote 2.2 is a shareware program, if you want use it after the 30 day evaluation period, a registration is required.

A registration costs $395.- for a single installation.

This is a one time fee, valid indefinitely for the current major version of FlightQuote.

A licensed user can purchase up to three additional installation licenses at a discount for use on different computers within the same company or household. Each of these additional installation licenses only costs $215.-

1 license   = $ 395.-
2 licenses =
$  610.-   ($395 + 1 * $215)
3 licenses =
$  825.-   ($395 + 2 * $215)
4 licenses = $1,040.-  ($395 + 3 * $215)
5 licenses =
$1,435.-  (2* $395 + 3 * $215)

Registered users of FlightQuote Version 1.0 who have registered the program before 1 July 2002 qualify for a discount of $100.- for the first Version 2 license fee. They can purchase up to 3 discounted additional Version 2 licenses for $165.- each (discount of $50). Email for more information.

To obtain a license for FlightQuote 2 email the following information to info@flightquote.net :

  • Your (Company) Name;
  • Your Mailing Address;
  • Your Email Address;
  • Your FlightQuote 2 Software Code (unique for each installation);
  • The Windows version on the computer(s) where FlightQuote is installed.

(You can also use the email form on the contact page)


Please Note:f

Each installation of FlightQuote has its own unique Software Code and requires its own unique Registration code.

--> The Software Code for your installation is displayed on the 'Registration Information' screen under the 'Program' menu

We will email you a unique Registration Code once your payment & software code has been received. There is no need to reinstall the program and you will not loose any data you entered during the trial period.

You can pay the license fee by one of these ways:

Send your payment to:
Starling Aviation Services, LLC
715 26th Avenue West
Bradenton, FL 34205-8137

  • International wire transfer: email for more information.

  • Recommended: By Credit Card using First Data. Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover Card accepted. NO ACCOUNT NEEDED

  • By Credit Card using PayPal . Click the logo below or send your Paypal payment to paypal@flightquote.net

  • By Credit Card using Amazon Payments. Using payment information from your Amazon.com account.

  • NOTE: The previously used Google Checkout payment service was Shutdown by Google on 20th November 2013.

Just Click one the logos below to make a payment:

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